Love Box Kit


The love box is filled with Remedy Apothecary Simple Love Products-An all Natural Line of love making products. Free from Fragrance oils, Artificial dyes, Petroleum and Parabens. 100% Pure & Natural Ingredients, scented with Pure Essential Oils.


Items Included in Box:

  • Love Lube- an all natural lube that is almost identical to the lube your body makes without all the extra added ingredients. Not Condom Safe. VEGAN
  • Love Balm- An all Natural Balm that leaves you feeling tingly
  • Love Wash- Ph balance wash for private areas VEGAN
  • Smooch- An intensive lip repair treatment to keep them lips kissably soft VEGAN
  • Love Bath Bomb Sprinkle Dust- Save Water, Share a Bath with the one you love! A bath bomb in a bottle. Easy to carry and fun to use. VEGAN
  • Tonight/Not Tonight Candle- Don’t let your love one guess! Light this candle to start the fireworks. This aromatic candle scented with orange and grapefruit essential oils is the perfect was to set the mood.


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